Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Door Alarm Sensors 

When it comes to your safety and protection, the traditional door is not enough where you have a surface lock that can be broken by the robbers and thieves. You need to have something better and more high technology, and one of which is to have a door sensor.  

Door sensors and its technology offer you a lot of options about door alarm sensors or contacts. These are composed of important devices and security cams that will make your building, home, or shop more protected and secured. They can also be installed on different kinds of doors whether in the cabinet, screen doors, back door, patio door, main door, and many more. If you are planning on hiring door sensor services Chicago, here are the important things you need to know in order for you to be knowledgeable about it.  


The Basics 

The conventional door sensors you see in the market are mostly simple and not that impressive. It is made of a magnet, which is placed on or inside the door, and a sensor which is placed inside or on the frame. When the door opens, this causes the magnet to pull away. This causes the reed switch, which is found in the sensor, to activate. Once this is activated, this will send a signal to the security system letting the door is opened. Opening the door will make a signal to the security system and it will do an appropriate response.  

There is also a second type of alarm or sensors which is also called mechanical sensors. This type has a switch that will be pressed down when you close the door. After this, the system will make a response that is appropriate to do, although the response is just the same.  

The following are the common questions asked by most people: 

1.How do I program my door sensor? 

When you have a wireless door sensor, it can be auto-enrolled. This is accomplished by getting on the zone programming on the system and then restoring and faulting the door sensor multiple times. You can also make some configurations you want to do.  

2.How long do the batteries last? 

The batteries can be replaced every three to five years for you to make sure that it is functional as possible  

3.Are there any encrypted wireless door sensors? 

Yes, there is. You need to ask your professional company or services for more informed advice.  

4.Do the sensor and magnet need to be closed? 

The door sensor needs to be within half-inch closer to the magnet. There are also some systems that will allow you to have a greater distance before a faulted zone will occur. You need to understand that the lesser the distance is, the less likely there would be a fault to happen.  


Sensors are very great if you have some businesses or shops you need to protect. You also need to understand that this will improve the security of your shop and business. Also, ensure that you only hire professional services that are certified to install sensors to your doors. Make sure that they are also trusted by their previous customers.